1:1 Coaching

with Yishan Chan

"I started my career feeling like I needed to fit in, and now I shape my own career opportunities. My mission is to help you build your talent stack and shape a career that brings out your zone of genius."

It can be challenging to find like-minded people who really understand what it's like to want to integrate multiple interests into a purpose-led career.


My approach to exploring your talent stack will help you reframe obstacles into opportunities, gain clarity on your long term plan as well as your next steps.  

Get ready to launch the "2.0" version of your career brand over the next 90 days with me, where we will cover the topics below.

  • 6 x 1 hour sessions over 90 days based on the outline below.
  • Bonus 30 minute Zoom call for when you need to workshop something urgently
  • The recommended structured is outlined below, however we can tailor these accordingly.

90 Day Leap

  • Career Vision & Mindset

    Call in your big ticket career goal!  Gain clarity on the steps to make a purpose-aligned career a reality.

  • Personal Brand 2.0

    We dive into aspects of your brand that's serving your aspirations, and what's potentially hindering them.

  • Craft Your Message

    Transform your talent stack story into an elevator pitch that demonstrates your zone of genius. 

  • LinkedIn Makeover

    Make your profile stand out with a bio that catches the eye of recruiters and draws in an aligned community.    

  • Build Your Tribe

    How to build your very own support crew to help you navigate new opportunities.  

  • Take the Leap

    One day or Day One? You decide! I'll show you how you can make progress in leaps by building momentum.

  • BONUS 30 minute Zoom call

    For when you need to workshop something urgently!

How to apply

This is for you if you're ready to shift gears in your career plan and launch version 2.0 of your personal brand.


In 12 months I went from describing my talent stack as a bunch of words, to crafting my new message that has helped me make yet another career pivot, land an international speaking opportunity, and transform my network into an aligned support crew.   

Are you ready for version 2.0 of your career and personal brand?   If the answer is YES, we'll work together for the next 90 days to help you build a runway towards your next opportunity.  

Coaching is by application only.  Hit the APPLY NOW button and I look forward to hearing about your big ticket career goal!


Yishan has really helped me with my career transition, achieving more in the last few years than all the combined years prior.

Meryl Fernandes

The highlight for me was how Yishan framed familiar concepts in a different way that has prompted me to consider other factors I hadn’t before in shaping my career plan.


I learned tips on framing my competitive advantage to the job I want, and not to be afraid to find my voice and distinguish myself by owning my story.

Rachel Teow

Yishan provided me with much needed inspiration during a key transition point in my career.


Her unique insights opened my mind up to the possibilities of threading my extra-curricular hobbies into a professional roadmap.  I highly recommend Yishan and will be working with her again!

Cassandra Stanford

About Yishan

Curiosity has led me to many paths in life - a corporate career, personal branding photography and podcasting to name a few.


When I tell my colleagues about my side interests, I'm intrigued when I get asked if I'd ever switch to doing this full-time.  Whilst this may be the dream for some, I look at all these avenues as a way to build my talent stack.  


My career is an opportunity to learn on a wide scale. Side hustles and passion projects are my playground to be creative without the red tape, and connect with people I wouldn't normally get to meet.  Every skill I level up on enables me to launch the next idea much more quickly than the last.


Learning new things both at work and outside inspires me to look at things differently, reframe challenges into opportunities and constantly reinvent, never accepting status quo.  This is what makes me feel fulfilled in whatever I do.  


My mission is to help people build their talent stack and leap into their purpose-led career.  I'd love to help you do the same and find your career mojo again.

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