My Learning Playlist

My latest leap from generalist to adapting to new career pathways is a solution shaper in an enterprise data team for a "Big 4" bank in Australia.

I'm currently shaping the delivery of analytics & data mart solutions that leverages big data architecture.

In parallel, I develop strategic communications and modern learning solutions to upskill a large team (~100) of data professionals on target state ways of working.  I do this proactively because I'm passionate about helping people disrupt their career pathways through modern learning.


  • Big Data Architecture  & Data Engineering concepts

  • Translating business requirements into data mart requirements for analytics & data science consumption

  • Modern learning

  • Agile change toolkit

  • Storytelling 

Just because

  • Procreate - Digital illustration / graphic recording 

  • How to create an ASMR livestream on Youtube for co-working / studying / hustling

Podcasts I listen to (the most)

Stay up to date

  • Steph's Business Bookshelf - by Steph Clarke

  • This Working Life - by ABC Radio

  • The Good Practice - by Emerald Works

  • Learning Uncut - by Michelle Ockers

Ideas to improve how you work

  • Deep Listening - by Oscar Trimboli

  • How I Work - by Dr. Amantha Imber

  • First Time Facilitator - by Leanne Hughes


  • Podcasting Essentials​ - by Soundcartel

  • Reputation Revolution - by Trevor Young

When I need to re-centre or give myself a kick in a place where the sun don't shine

  • Creative Pep Talk - by Andy J. Pizza (also known as Andy J. Miller)

  • The Jasmine Star Show - by Jasmine Star

When I need a break from the usual 

  • Hidden Brain 

  • Short Black - with Sandra Sully

  • Risktory - by Jacinthe A. Galpin

Books I recommend

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