Podcast Pitch

Thank you for your interest in being featured on the 'Build Your Talent Stack' Podcast

The stories we are seeking are the kind that you'd share over coffee.

Stories that help people reframe obstacles to seize opportunity, fuel their curiosity and inspire action.


Please refer to the topics below to ensure your message is aligned with our audience. 


  • Career Design

    • ​Journey in pivoting to jobs that didn't exist until recently

    • Designing your role / writing your own job description 

    • Portfolio careers (one of which is working with corporate or equivalent)​

  • Modern Learning: Creative ways to learn new skills​​

  • Communicating Your Value

    • Elevator pitches for the multi-passionate

    • ​Building credibility through external experience

    • Online brand voice for the modern career professional

    • Digital portfolios

  • Career Development:  We are open to pitches on other career development related topics. Please submit your idea in the form below.


We are currently prioritizing guests who are able to share their experience on the following topics:​

  • Intrapreneurship - driving change within your organisation 

Thank you for your message! I will respond in the next few days.