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Power Hour

It can be challenging to find like-minded people who really understand what it's like to want to integrate multiple interests into a purpose-led career.
My approach to exploring your talent stack will help you reframe obstacles into opportunities, gain clarity on your long term plan as well as your next steps.  

Get ready to launch version 2.0 of your career brand with me with Power Hour sessions on topics of your choice.

I started my career feeling like I needed to fit in. Now I shape my own opportunities.  My mission is to help you build your talent stack and shape a career that brings out your zone of genius

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What we cover in the session

Hour of power on a topic of your choice

Once you book, I'll send you a discovery form so we can make the most of our time together. Alternatively, you can choose from our most requested topics below.

This is ideal if you...

have a specific aspect of career development you want help with, or need a sounding board to reframe obstacles into career opportunities

Start with one & build your runway

Start with one session or dial it up with a package of 3 sessions over 3 months to build your runway. Package expires 4 months from the purchase date.

Our sessions will be on a Zoom call

With your consent, you'll get an audio recording of our session within 2 hours, accessible for 60 days.

Book a free 30 minute Zoom call with Yishan to find out how you can tailor the Power Hour sessions to suit your needs. 

Most requested topics


Transform your talent stack into an elevator pitch that demonstrates your zone of genius and value add.


How to shape opportunities that align with your purpose and vision.


Build social clout with a standout online presence and content strategy that draws in an aligned community.


Craft your signature topics for speaking engagements that are authentic to your brand voice and story.


Working with Laptop



New Jersey USA) 

Yishan provided me with much needed inspiration during a key transition point in my career.


Her unique insights opened my mind up to the possibilities of threading my extra-curricular hobbies into a professional roadmap.  I highly recommend Yishan and will be working with her again!

Meryl Fernandes.jpeg


(Financial Services, Melbourne, Australia)

Yishan has really helped me with my career transition, achieving more in the last few years than all the combined years prior.


Her style can be summed up in the quote from Edward Hess:


"Innovators are people who can unlock the cognitive and emotional chains that hem most of us  into the familiar.  Unlocking those chains liberates us to let go of the comfortable and familiar and journey into the land of innovation.  Making that journey requires humility and personal courage."

Stephanie Yeo.jpeg


(Human Resources,

Brisbane, Australia)

I reached out to Yishan to dive deeper into connecting my career brand, personal brand and purpose. I was blown away by how curated each session was and Yishan provided a variety of personalised pre-work and homework tasks during the experience that played a key role in fostering accountability.

As a result, the insights I've gained from these sessions have helped reinforce my confidence and refresh my approach to creating meaningful content. I'm happy to say that I'm still referring to the majority of my notes from these sessions as a north star for my career brand.


If you're looking to unpack your talent stack, understand how you might share your career brand and gain clarity on the steps to make a purpose-aligned career a reality, I would 11/10 recommend you reach out to Yishan for her expertise. Countless a-ha moments await!

About Yishan

Curiosity has led me to many paths in life - a corporate career, personal branding photography and podcasting to name a few.


When I tell my colleagues about my side interests, I'm intrigued when I get asked if I'd ever switch to doing this full-time.  Whilst this may be the dream for some, I look at all these avenues as a way to build my talent stack.  


My career is an opportunity to learn on a wide scale. Side hustles and passion projects are my playground to be creative without the red tape, and connect with people I wouldn't normally get to meet.  Every skill I level up on enables me to launch the next idea much more quickly than the last.


Learning new things both at work and outside inspires me to look at things differently, reframe challenges into opportunities and constantly reinvent, never accepting status quo.  This is what makes me feel fulfilled in whatever I do.  


My mission is to help people build their talent stack and leap into their purpose-led career.  I'd love to help you do the same and find your career mojo again.

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