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I am available to speak at virtual events on topics related to modern learning & owning your career.

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I help people explore creative ways to learn and shape a career that brings out their zone of genius

Speaking engagements

Most requested topics


Modern learning in the workplace. Building multi-skilled teams for transformation.



Diversify how you learn and tune your skills to resonate with careers of the future.


How to find your voice through blogging, podcasting and sharing your experiences with your network online.


Michelle Redfern.jpeg

Michelle Redfern

(AFR Top 100 Women of Influence 2019) 

Yishan recently participated as a guest expert in a workshop I facilitate called Career Q&A. I appreciated the fact that Yishan was able to be vulnerable and authentic about her own leadership development with our members.


She talked about the aha moments she has had including where she decided to take ownership of her leadership development as well as adeptly answering the curly questions our members asked her

Anitra Butler-Ngugi.jpeg

Anitra Butler-Ngugi

(Assoc. Professor, Washington D.C.)

It was such a pleasure to collaborate with Yishan on a podcast interview for my Field Work course.


Many of the students in the course are underemployed, underdeveloped, and looking for support while they retool and up-skill.


Bringing her voice into my course not only upgraded the course, but it also gave my students new and inspired insights on their personal and professional development and career aspirations.


The collaboration was so fruitful, that my
students just couldn’t stop talking about it!

John Greaves Banner.jpeg

John Greaves

(Security Leader, Atlanta - Georgia)

I’m an enthusiastic fan of Yishan Chan and her podcast.  Yishan’s authenticity, preparation and focus is clear in every episode. Yishan’s content and guests are fascinating and insightful.


I highly recommend investing time to listen to her podcast. You’ll get a great return on your investment.

About Yishan

Curiosity has led me to many paths in life - a corporate career, personal branding photography and podcasting to name a few.


When I tell my colleagues about my side interests, I'm intrigued when I get asked if I'd ever switch to doing this full-time.  Whilst this may be the dream for some, I look at all these avenues as a way to build my talent stack.  


My career is an opportunity to learn on a wide scale. Side hustles and passion projects are my playground to be creative without the red tape, and connect with people I wouldn't normally get to meet.  Every skill I level up on enables me to launch the next idea much more quickly than the last.


Learning new things both at work and outside inspires me to look at things differently, reframe challenges into opportunities and constantly reinvent, never accepting status quo.  This is what makes me feel fulfilled in whatever I do.  


My mission is to help people build their talent stack and leap into their purpose-led career.  I'd love to help you do the same and find your career mojo again.

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